Set of wedding band made from sterling silver with inscriptions

Pair of platform sandals made from salvaged construction pine and recycled leather belts. The wood has been painted black and gripped with roofing rubber.

Sterling silver ring with crystalline cluster

Carrot pendant made from sterling silver

Bronze belt ring

Two bronze rings

Bronze ring with waxy drips

Adjustable sterling silver ring with crystalline cluster

Bronze ring with crystalline cluster

Adjustable bronze band with crack.

Sterling silver ring

Sterling silver ring with bandage appearance.

Sterling silver ring with rectangular void.

Remodeled two jacket made into one.

Light cotton twill trousers

Sterling silver peg pendant

Woven cotton jacket

Loose cotton shirt with wide sleeves.

Long sleeve wool top with cotton knit trim.

Hooded jacket with exterior plastic zip made from a recycled wool blanket.

Cotton sateen cowl neck top with cotton knit hem and collar lining.

Cotton knit raw-edge t-shirt

Cotton knit raglan sleeve top with polyester chiffon inserts.

Loose round-neck cotton shirt

Remodelled t-shirt with cotton sateen sleeve and elbow patches.

Cropped wrap hoodie made from poly-cotton poplin with adjustable belt.

Remodelled polyester chiffon double layered jacket.

Remodelled t-shirt screen-printed black on the interior.

Cowl neck vest with zip back.

Zip front shirt with belted cuffs made from off-cut fabric.