Salt tree Cotton, steel wire, recycled Kwila base.

Valet stand made from recycled, torched Pine.

Draped asymmetric dress with waist ties. No determined back or front.

Repurpoed cotton seersucker shirt with vintage buttons

Paint-dyed gathered dress made from repurposed linen

Duster coat made from a painter's drop cloth (Clare Logan) with matching tote bag. Hand made antler buttons and hand sewn buttonholes.

Paint-dyed no-waste pattern gown.

Carved lamp made from limestone salvaged from the quake-damaged Rangi Ruru church.

Asymmetric panne velvet dress made for Aldous Harding video "The Barrel"

Cotton seersucker ruff made for Aldous Harding video "The Barrel"

Straw hat and boots made from Aldous Harding video "The Barrel"

Linen seersucker wrap shirt

Repurposed cotton shirt with hand sewn details and ties

Nightie made from recycled cotton.

Hand mushroom-pleated silk/poly dress with braided sash

Studio experiment heat-shrunk polyester dress

Windswept pine Ink on paper in handmade recycled Rimu frame.

look 5 from 2018 한 collection

Look 4 from the 2018 한 collection

Look 3 from the 2018 한 collection

Look 2 from the 2018 한 collection

look 1 from 2018 한 collection

Hand made clogs with Ash soles and whole-cut recycled leather uppers. Hand dyed after construction.

한 calligraphy fan made from cotton that was buried for several months with recycled Kwila spokes and natural dyed silk tassel

Pleated wrap skirt made from offcuts of linen and cotton.

Paint-dyed wrap culottes made from stretch wool with hand braided hemp and natural dyed silk waist cord. Extra high waistband and patch pockets.

Cropped wrap shirt with long, wide sleeves.

Paint dyed Pendleton wool dressing gown with cotton sash

Tie-fastening wrap shirt with silk collar and contrast lined cuffs

Korean silk organza cropped vest with train. Fully self-lined and natural dyed. Running stitch detail collar and concealed snap fastening.