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제사 위패 (Jesa Uipae)


January 2022

제사 위패 (Jesa Uipae),
140 x 60 x 240mm

A stand to house the name of the deceased during a 제사 (Jesa) ceremony, in which offerings are presented to departed ancestors. The name would be written on paper and placed in the stand which sat at the head of the offering table; the paper would then be ritually burned. Traditionally they are made from wood.

I was asked to create a response to a Taonga from the @canterburymuseum collection. I selected a brass offering set that would have been used for Jesa (pictured, credit to Canterbury Museum). Over the two days I was in residence at the Museum I made this Jesa Uipae from Ramie using hand sewn Jogakbo (Korean patchwork) techniques. The naturally stiff textile allows it to stand unsupported. While making this I thought a lot about my late Grandmother who passed away in 2020. Because of COVID we weren't able to attend her funeral. She was one of the most amazing people I know and I admire her greatly.

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