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Jogakbo pieces for 'Living Room'


October 2023 - December 2023

'Living Room Jogakbo' and 'Jogak lightshades' commissioned for 'living room' at Objectspace at Sir Miles Warren Gallery, Ōtautahi.

Hand sewn 조각보 (jogakbo) window hanging made from scraps of cotton and linen. Sewn with cotton thread. I saved these offcuts and scraps from my studio over the years. I slowly hand sewed them together to make this hanging which exactly fits this window, nestling snugly in the old wooden frame. This element of the architecture of my home, something I usually look right through and don't notice, has now become something very special.

'Jogak' lightshades made from scraps of hand-loomed ramie and recycled shade frames. Sewn with cotton thread and hand sewn onto the frames. Brass light fittings and woven hemp cable. These lightshades reference the traditional Korean practice of 'Jogakbo', where scraps of textile are hand sewn together to make larger 'bo' (domestic wrapping cloths). This began during the Chosen dynasty when textiles were extremely precious, allowing people to save even the smallest pieces and make them into something beautiful. 'Jogak' (조각) means small piece, which I feel is a suitable name for these lightshades. I tried not to change the shapes of the scraps and fit them together like puzzle pieces, allowing the overall shapes to evolve organically.

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